Meg Rossetti was born in Atlanta, GA in 1991. She received her BFA from the University of Georgia in 2015. She is currently pursuing an MFA an the New York Academy of Art. 

Artist Statement

My portraits are based on images that were given to me by the models themselves, mirroring the act of “sexting” that often takes place between sexual partners. Sending nude pictures as a gesture of intimacy has become fairly common among millennials today. This often results in “revenge porn” where the recipient of the photos shares them without the consent of the subject. With the help of cell phones and the internet these images can go viral instantly. This new kind of digital intimacy that starts out as a private moment between two consenting adults becomes a weapon used to blackmail, embarrass or shame the victim. Once these photos are sent they are out in the world forever, and oftentimes the subject has no control over their distribution. My paintings have been consensually rendered in an attempt to take control of the secondhand distribution of these snapshots. By affirming them through the context of a canvas in a gallery setting, I hope to take the negative and immoral connotations away from the images.

Using Format